Louisiana Health Care Law Attorneys

Representing Louisiana Hospitals, Physicians, Nursing Homes, Nurses, Advanced Practitioners and Other Health Care Providers

Watson Blanche Wilson & Posner has had the privilege of representing individuals, businesses, institutions and other organizations in the health care industry for many years. From that experience, Watson Blanche understands that a health care provider's first priority is and should remain patient care. Nonetheless, talented medical professionals, doctors and care providers must constantly address business processes outside patient care such as licensure, business formation and reorganization, health care compliance, reporting, liability and insurance issues, and a multitude of other time-consuming matters. Professionals and organizations that do not appropriately address their legal issues may be faced with professional, legal or financial disaster. Experienced counsel is crucial during these times.

Watson, Blanche, Wilson & Posner, LLP, represents more hospitals than any other firm in Louisiana, as well as physicians, nursing homes, nurse practitioners, advanced practitioners and many other varieties of health care providers. As such, its attorneys are able to address nearly any health care law issue, including:

The firm prides itself on anticipating and dealing with client challenges by fusing its comprehensive experience with a long-term preventative approach to issues and premier client service.

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